Saturday, November 10, 2012

STYLE: Casual Look | HAIR: Flat Twists n' Curls

Well, since I wear a uniform most days I don't have the opportunity
to post many personal style looks. So, I made a Polyvore Set
of a casual look I would wear with this hairstyle.


I like to wear basics, because they are easy to wear.
This long-sleeve fitted dress over leggings will keep-away
most of the Chicago chill and the loose vest is a great
layering piece (I have many). When layering with a loose
top like this I always like to cinch my waist with a belt,
 because if I don't I'll look like a rectangle (I like the hourglass).

Then I'd wear the classic hoop earrings, which is 
never out of style to me! I usually buy bags that are 
black or brown (this matches with most of my clothes).
(Here in the mid-west, especially in the fall, most of the clothes are 
dark and muted.) I always by big bags like this one!
I actually have a pair of ankle boots like these too!  

Casual Comfort | Fall Look | Personal Style


I made three large flat twists in the center
and added a little interest by curving 
the part for the outer twists.
Then I just clipped back the rest of my
twist out curls.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY-Able | Fringe Look

This Look is inspired by DIY Pins on Pinterest!
All the pieces from this look can be created by your own two hands!

DIY-able Look! {Fringe}




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More DIYs like theses can be found here:

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