Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Layered StyledLooks & Flat-Twist HairStyles

I've got two personal style looks, two polyvore sets inspired by my looks,
and three hairstyles!

>> LOOKS <<
skinny jeans, burnout top
tan sandals, tan belt, ombre
Burnout Cowl-Neck Top | Drape Cardigan | Ombre Floral Skinny Jeans 
Floral*Floral ColorFloral

- - -

Belted Shirt & Flare Jeans | Aubergine Dreamz | | tiered blouse
Layered\Tiered Blouse | Button-Down Shirt | Flare Jeans
Lace & Denim Look

two strand twists, flat twists, twist out
The evolution of one hairstyle.  

two strand twists, flat twists
Two-Strand Twists with Flat Twisted Back
I twisted the front center section of my hair, rolled it under, and pinned it.
The back is two flat twists (starting from the front and meeting in center-back)
with the loose twist pinned to opposite sides (looks like a braid).

natural hair, flat twists
FlatTwisted Two-Strand Twists with Flat Twist Back
Here I flat twisted sections of my twists and pinned it to the side!

natural hair, twist out, curls, curly hair, edgy hair style, flat twists, asymmetrical hair style
Two-Strand TwistOut with Flat Twists back
I simply took out my twists and pinned my curls to the side!

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