Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Natural HairStyles: Braided Updo

I couldn't stay away for too much longer!
These hairstyles are from early this summer.
(yea, I'm just now posting them in the fall...)

I went to get my hair styled (idk how to flat braid).
[This was the day after.] Everyday after that, I played
around with the styling. [the following pictures]

After about two weeks it was time to take it down. So this was my last
style from this updo! {my fav}

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Layered StyledLooks & Flat-Twist HairStyles

I've got two personal style looks, two polyvore sets inspired by my looks,
and three hairstyles!

>> LOOKS <<
skinny jeans, burnout top
tan sandals, tan belt, ombre
Burnout Cowl-Neck Top | Drape Cardigan | Ombre Floral Skinny Jeans 
Floral*Floral ColorFloral

- - -

Belted Shirt & Flare Jeans | Aubergine Dreamz | | tiered blouse
Layered\Tiered Blouse | Button-Down Shirt | Flare Jeans
Lace & Denim Look

two strand twists, flat twists, twist out
The evolution of one hairstyle.  

two strand twists, flat twists
Two-Strand Twists with Flat Twisted Back
I twisted the front center section of my hair, rolled it under, and pinned it.
The back is two flat twists (starting from the front and meeting in center-back)
with the loose twist pinned to opposite sides (looks like a braid).

natural hair, flat twists
FlatTwisted Two-Strand Twists with Flat Twist Back
Here I flat twisted sections of my twists and pinned it to the side!

natural hair, twist out, curls, curly hair, edgy hair style, flat twists, asymmetrical hair style
Two-Strand TwistOut with Flat Twists back
I simply took out my twists and pinned my curls to the side!

 More Natural Hair Styles 
 Can be Found Here!⇩ 
{on Pinterest!}

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Peplum Looks

This peplum trend is pretty popular. I've seen these tops worn at 
parties and they are actually figure flattering! The peplum looks 
I've seen were so cute that I just had to create a few peplum looks
on Polyvore!

ikat print peplum top, pencil skirt, wristlet, wood necklace, wood bracelets, tassel bracelet

Print Peplum Top & Pencil Skirt
This look is one of the most common peplum looks: peplum w/ pencil skirt
This ikat print top evokes a tribal, ethnic vibe; so pairing it with earthy
brown & wood accessories paired just right!

studded peplum top, cobalt blue full skirt, ikat bag, fuchsia platform wedges, teardrop earrings, point necklace

Studded Peplum Top & Full, Flared Skirt
I don't see this pairing often, but when the right peplum top meets the
right flared skirt. the look works! This is a nice way to pull off this trend
for any one who doesn't want to wear a form-fitting pencil skirt. 
A-Line all the way!

stripe peplum top, full floral skirt, bow wedges, straw tassel bag, leather bracelet, silver collar necklace

Stripe Peplum Top & Floral Bordered Full, Flare Skirt
This is a fun & bold look! The collar necklace is perfect with this striped look
because it borders the neckline of the top just as the floral print borders
the black skirt. Plus strips and floral is such an appealing pairing!

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

HAIR {styled simple.}

. Two Quick Hair Styles .

Large Flat Twist & Knit Hat
Just a large flat twist and a hat! The rest of my hair was either
confined by twists or "tamed" by twist out....

Large Flat Twists w/ Hair Clipped
This style I did unintentionally! I was just flat twisting my hair so
that I could wear it curly, but then I saw the flat twists in the front
and liked it! So I kept them in!


Large Flat Twists are so easy, simple & cute! Luv doing 
them for a quick manageable, style!

 More Natural Hair Styles 
 ⇩Can be Found Here!⇩ 
{on Pinterest!}

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural HAIR HAIR HAIR: Fros & Puffs

Fros & Puffs
Natural Hairstyles
Some days you just gotta let your hair be free.
( or you really just don't feel like styling it (>‿◠) )

natural hair, fro, flat twist
Curly Fro, Flat Twist & Colorful HeadScarf

twists, fro, coiled
Coiled Twists & Fro
My sis created this by continuously twisting the
loose hair until it coiled, as so, using hair-weave. ]

Puff, Afro Puff
Pomp & Puff
[ I just took a section of hair & loosely rolled it over like so. ]

puff, flat twist
Puff & Flat Twist w/headscarf 

Puff, Flat Twist, & Two-Strand Twists

Afro Puff, Flat Braids, Two-Strand Twists
Flat Braids, Two-Strand Twists, & Puff
[ The puff is actually a hair piece! ]

 More Natural Hair Styles 
 ⇩Can be Found Here!⇩ 
{on Pinterest!}
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PersonalStyle: Cardigan & Tribal Print Top | NaturalHairStyle: Bun & Curls

This is a look I wore a few weeks ago to a performance/gig 
I did with these awesome singers!

Personal Styled Look

The knit cardigan and tribal print top are from Forever21. The brown pants
are from Lane Bryant. These pants are one of my favorite because they are the 
"Right Fit" [read all about it here]. The pants stretch, so they are comfortable, 
and they came in petite so I didn't have to go through the trouble of hemming!
I styled this look by belting the cardigan at the hips instead of the waist. 
This way I could show more of the bold tribal print top. Doing this also added 
some length to my torso. (I felt that the necklace and belt were too close
together and it looked odd and made me look stumpy.)  The necklace was 
long so I wrapped it around once to make it shorter. 

Natural Hair Style
natural hair
Flat Twisted front with Curls & a Bun

I used these curlers called Curlformers®!
These things are GREAT! You have to get some! They are 
for all hair types, they're easy to use, and you can do it all by yourself!
It's way better that curling irons because you don't have to use heat 
to set these, (unless you are pressed for time and you use a hair dryer).

The rest of my hair is the result of a large flat twist-out . Doing this
allows my hair to lay flatter so that I can style it. I then made a center 
part and flat twisted a front section of hair. I created this bun by 
sectioning the back hair; leaving it loose, and putting the rest of my 
hair into a ponytail. I then took the loose hair and tucked it and the hair
in the ponytail up and pinned it into place.  

natural hair, Curlformers

[Other Hairstyles Similar to This]

Flat Twists & Chignon

styled BraidOut 

 Two-Strand Twists, BraidOut with HairClip
natural hair
These hairstyles were inspired 
from pins on my Pinterest board!
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

PersonalStyle: Layered Fall Look + PolyvoreSet

Grey Knit Vest layered over 
Black Thermal with Floral Skinny Belt

I got the cute, drapey vest from Kohls and the thermal & belt from Forever 21. I'm always layering and this vest is one of my favorite pieces to do this with. The floral skinny belt adds a pop of color and is a nice contrast to all the darker colors. The vest has a loose fit [perfect for layering & belting] which doesn't hug, but lightly skims over the figure. I took advantage of the loose fit and draped the fabric over the belt.
I styled this look on Polyvore inspired by my own look!

knit vest, flare jeans, thermal top, ikat bag, flats

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Friday, January 25, 2013

DVF || Resort \ Spring \ Pre-Fall \ Fall - 2012 | 2013

Apparel\Fashion from
my favorite fashion designer!

 RESORT 2012 

This collection was bright & fun!


Asymmetrical Dress




Print Mixing

Sweater & Print Pants

- Details -


blue collar


- Color Inspired -


light & airy colors!

 PRE-FALL 2012 

edgy styling & primary colors!

FALL 2012

Solid Color Dresses



Color Blocking


Color-blocked & Drapey

Color-blocked pantsuits



Color-blocked, Outerwear

Throughout this collection were bright, bold colors for fall!

 RESORT 2013 

Miami Vice styles


 PRE-FALL 2013 



       << -                                                                - >>      

as the collections continue
To Be Continued...
Fall 2013 will be Next!
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