Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural HAIR HAIR HAIR: Fros & Puffs

Fros & Puffs
Natural Hairstyles
Some days you just gotta let your hair be free.
( or you really just don't feel like styling it (>‿◠) )

natural hair, fro, flat twist
Curly Fro, Flat Twist & Colorful HeadScarf

twists, fro, coiled
Coiled Twists & Fro
My sis created this by continuously twisting the
loose hair until it coiled, as so, using hair-weave. ]

Puff, Afro Puff
Pomp & Puff
[ I just took a section of hair & loosely rolled it over like so. ]

puff, flat twist
Puff & Flat Twist w/headscarf 

Puff, Flat Twist, & Two-Strand Twists

Afro Puff, Flat Braids, Two-Strand Twists
Flat Braids, Two-Strand Twists, & Puff
[ The puff is actually a hair piece! ]

 More Natural Hair Styles 
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