Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who's Spring 2013 RTW Collection I Like?: MARCHESA

Spring 2013
My Favorite Looks

These embellished looks are beautiful. The first look has beautiful 
draping and gold and white are a classically gorgeous pairing. 
The second look has the trendy crop top in lace and the 
maxi skirt has the nice embellished waistline. The pink dress 
really reminds me of the draping of a sari. Its so pretty!

        Blue & Gold | Purple & Gold 
Beautiful Colors!
The asymmetric lines are great; it compliments the high-low hemline, 
which is so popular in fashion right now. 

The fabric and the draping: beautiful.
The draping in the first look is interesting and pink & orange
are nice together. The second look has nice asymmetric lines.
The pink color is gorgeous with the sheen of the fabric.

The sheer fabric over lace looks great. What I like about the first 
look is that its asymmetric but it still covers the other shoulder. 

Sheer fabric over lace again! The embellished 
neckline is beautiful.

Gold & Orange
I really like this one because of the  necklace.

This blue hue is so pretty. The sheer mid-section
looks nice with the wide, square-ish neckline.

This is such a cute high-low top and skirt pairing.
What I really like about the pieces are the sparkly
gold trim along the hemlines.

Looks I Found Visually Appealing
Other Looks that Made this Collection Great!

I still like the tunic and pant style.

I like the deep purple color in the first look and the
softer lavender, bronze, and silver colors of the top.
The skirt in the second look has a nice border along
the hemline.

Purple & Gold | Red & Gold
The gold trim really highlights the ruffled hemlines.

Gold & Blue
The gold trim is lovely and so is the 
asymmetric high-low hemline.

These are such costumes pieces! 
It shows the fringe trend!

The accented hemlines are so South Asian influenced.
The colors are great together: Gold&White | Red&White.

Orange & Gold

This collection is clearly influenced by traditional Indian attire.
This is what I luv about this collection. 

Images: ElleUK

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