Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DIY: Deodorant Spray and Powder

I made a deodorant spray and powder that actually works! So I'm sharing it because I know how difficult it is to find a non-chemical, aluminum-free deodorant that works.

Deodorant Spray

Witch Hazel
  works as an astringent (shrinks the pores in the armpit)
 causes any sweat that does escape from those pores to evaporate 
( source: 1 )
Hydrogen Peroxide
   kills germs
   reduce odor in sweat
( source: 1 )
Apple Cider Vinegar
   absorbs and neutralizes odor
 ( source: 1 )
Lime Juice
   citric acid has antibacterial properties
   natural disinfectant and antibiotic abilities help remove odor
( source: 1 | 2 )
Lemon Juice
     citric acid kills odor-causing bacteria
( source: 1 )
Aloe Vera Juice
     provide hydration to the skin
   cool and soothe the skin
( source: 1 )
   distilled, filtered, or rainwater are the best choices to avoid adding more 
      chemicals to your body 
( source: 1 )
Baking Soda
   soak up excess perspiration so that your underarms feel dry
  ‣ natural odor absorber
natural odor absorber

natural odor absorber
natural odor absorber
( sources: 1 | 2 )
Bentonite Clay Powder
      detox that helps pull toxins out of the skin's pores
( source: 1 )
Arrowroot Powder
  ‣  softens your skin by enabling it to absorb moisture
    has a cooling effect on skin
( source: 1 | 2 )
Coconut Oil
      antibacterial and moisturizing
( source: 1 )
Almond or Jojoba Oil 
      vitamin E hydrates and moisturizes
( source: 1 | 2 )
Essential Oils {I used: Lime, Lemon, & Orange}
    lime: astringent and disinfectant
    lemon: astringent and detoxifying
( source: 1 | 2 )

I didn't use exact measurements, I just improvise what feels right for me. So I've made a list of the ingredients I used so that you can make what ever formula works best for you! I've heard of some people's underarm skin being sensitive to baking soda, so if that's like you, you may want to use less baking soda or just add more aloe vera juice to your mix.

So in my formula I used mostly the witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide as my liquid base. I added only a bit of filtered water, lemon, lime, and apple cider vinegar to this mix (I didn't want that "volcano science project" chemical reaction with the acv and baking soda). I really wanted a lasting deodorant spray so I used a generous amount of baking soda. Then I added a small amount of bentonite clay powder and some arrowroot powder. Last I added my oils, not too much because I didn't want oily armpits!

You may want to stir your mixture in a jar or bowl before putting in a spray bottle because I just put all mine's straight in the bottle and shook it. That just made pressure build and it leaked out of the nozzle a bit. Once the ingredients settled in the bottle I have been able to shake it without this happening every time. The powder ingredients will settle at the bottom, so shake before each use.  

Deodorant Powder

Arrowroot Powder

Baking Soda

Bentonite Clay

Essential Oils {I used: Lime & Orange}

In this mixer I used more arrowroot powder than I did baking soda and I used a small amount of bentonite clay.

Using both the spray and powder at the same time has worked really well for me; better than any store bought solid deodorants, sprays, and powders combined! I'm very happy with the results!!!

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