Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fall Look: Leopard Print, Stripes, & Sequins | HairStyle: FlatTwist n' HairClip


Leopard Print, Stripes, & Sequins | Fall Look

Leopard Print, Stripes, & Sequins | Fall Look by tamz-lavender 

A look I styled a few days ago on Polyvore
Liked it so much I had to blog it!

First this look has print mixing (stripes & leopard print).
Second is texture mixing (knit, pleated chiffon, & sequins).
Third {my fav part} are these style elements; the horizontal lines (stripes) 
in the sweater relates to the vertical lines that the pleats create.
This relation also balances the look! The skirts pleats are long, vertical 
lines that keep the eyes moving and help create the illusion of length.
Then I just added some tassel accessories {because I luv it!} and
it ties into the whole vertical lines thing. The long tassel necklace pairs
perfectly with this look too, because it breaks up the horizontal
lines of the sweater to cause the eyes to move up and down 
the figure versus across, which can sometimes trick the eyes
and make the figure appear wider.
{I styled a look like this in real life and have been trying to recreate it on polyvore for 
some time now. I could just never find the right pieces.} 

Playing around with design elements like patterns and texture, when
styling your look, could result in a unique and stylish outfit!
Have fun with your wardrobe!



Flat-Twist, Head-Scarf & Clip

A simple hairstyle, for a "I don't really feel like doin' my hair right now" day!
I did a big, fat braid out (didn't feel like doin' a bunch of small
or medium braids). Took the braids out the next day, wanted 
to do something more to it, parted the front and made a 
big, fat flat-twist! Next I put a scarf on it (funny story: the scarf was 
a waist sash I made in college for a ridiculously small dress form;
it fit my head, not my waist !). Then I just put up the rest of my hair with
a hair clip. A cute simple style!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

SS 2013 RTW Collection Pieces I Like: SACHIN+BABI | EDUN | DSQUARED2

Spring|Summer 2013

T-Shirt | Embellished Print Skirt

Sleeveless Shirt | Flare Skirt

Knit Tank | Shorts

Denim Jacket | Print Skirt

Cargo Skinny Jeans

Macrame Fringe Top | Suede Pants

Cargo Jacket | Cargo Skirt | Tassel Neecklaces

Cargo Jacket | Knit Top

Jacket | Tunic Shirt | Tassel Necklace
Blue Hues

White Jacket | Brown Belt 

Jacket | Flare Maxi Skirt | Tassel Earrings

Column Dress | Bead Belt 

High Low Dress | Layered Beaded Necklaces

Stripe Embellished Dress | Tassel Earrings

Belted Ruffle Dress

Embroidered Dress
{like the rounded neckline}

Printed Dress | Tassel Earrings
{I like that it covers the long v neckline}

Black Dress | Gold Tassel Earings

Textured Long Sleeve Dress

--- - - - - - ---
Spring|Summer 2013

Sweater | Cargo Pants 
{I like the sweater notches at the hem and neckline!}

Knit Tank | Cargo Pants

cool top

Side Zipper Dress | Long Vest
Print Mixing

Images: ElleUK
--- - - - - - ---

Spring|Summer 2013

Blazer & Capris | Belted Tank & Skirt | Chain Belted Tee & Skirt

Chain Necklaces & Chain Belts

Flared Looks

Images: ElleUK

SS 2013 RTW Collection Pieces I Like: Azzaro | Cushnie et Ochs | A Degree Fahrenheit

Spring|Summer 2013


Accordion Pleat Top | Pleated Skirt

Knotted Accordion Pleats

 Accordion Pleat Dresses


Simple Silhouettes

Embellished Hem

----- - - - - - - - ----

Cushnie et Ochs 
Spring|Summer 2013

 Blue  Draped Split Dresses

Knotted Front Dress

Tank Top | Split Maxi Skirt 

Sheer Raglan Sleeve Blouse

Images: ElleUK
----- - - - - - - - ----

A Degree Fahrenheit 
Spring|Summer 2013



I like the jacket and the tied ankle pants

beautiful dress

{ I like the notches on the turned in collar}