Thursday, December 6, 2012

MyDIY: Denim & Gold Duck Tape Wallet

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Materials: Duct Tape  ▪ Scissors  ▪ Ruler  ▪ Pencil
Got inspired by my Pinterest pins.

Wallet Body
Step One a: cut 4 denim strips
1a: I measured the denim tape against a ruler (7 3/4 in.), 
marked the measurement with a pencil, and then 
cut the tape. Repeat three times to make 4 strips.

Step One b: cut 4 gold strips
1b: I cut the gold tape into 7 1/4 in. strips in the
same way that I cut the denim tape.
Repeat three times to make 4 strips.

Step One a & b: completed "fabric"
1a:overlapped the tape beside a ruler to measure 7in.
1b: You can trim the excess tape or just tape the rest down.

Step One c: trim and fold denim tape 
1c: I marked with a pencil 3 1/2 in. from bottom and trimmed.
Then I folded the denim tape over the gold tape.
I folded the top untrimmed denim tape over the gold tape,
but cut it leaving the extra tape untapped.

Step One c: fold denim tape 
1c: I then folded the extra tape to the inside of the wallet.

Step One c: fold denim tape 
The inside of the wallet.
1c: The wallet body is complete!

Inside Pocket
Step Two a & b: cut 1 denim strip and 1 gold strip
2a&b: I cut these against the ruler like before.

Step Two c: pocket placed on wallet
2c: Trim if necessary.

Outside Pocket
Step Three a & b: cut 1 denim strip and 1 gold strip
3a&b: I cut these against the ruler like before.

Step Three c: assemble pocket
3c: I cut a small piece of tape to cover the raw edges.

Step Four c: assemble flap
4c: You're Finished!!!

Denim & Gold
crafts, diy, duck tape brand
I added a extra piece to hold the flap. The outside pocket can be used to hold the flap if you don't want to add this extra piece. Also, I rounded the corners of my flap and decorated it with a piece of gold tape.
Have fun, be creative and you can come up 
with your own variation of this design or others; I did!!!
If anyone makes their own wallet, I'd luv to see it, you can post it on my Facebook Page ( 


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