Saturday, December 15, 2012

Who's Spring 2013 RTW Collection I Like?: Diane von Fürstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg
Spring|Summer 2013
My Favorite Looks

I like how the cowl is draped over the wide gold belt.
The print blocking is appealing in this silhouette

This look has the sash tied and draped over a wide belt;
so chic with the slenderizing silhouette.  

Nice print mixing in the look! I luv the 
cowl neckline, the tied waistline, and the 
wrapped skirt.
The silver beads along the cowl are great, so cute; 
it gives this look a touch of ethnic glamour!

I really like this silhouette; the high, round neckline and 
below-the-hip length paired with gaucho pants
The sandals go well with the look 
and are extra cute!

Long Sleeve Blouse | Wide Belt | Cropped Pant
The first look has great colors: blue, gold, & red.
In the second look I like the pairing off large earrings
with a wide neckline top.

Once again, draped top hanging over a wide belt: cute! 
The colors are great: silver sparkle, peach, silver, & orange
This is a little unexpected; silver iridescent top
and a yellow midi skirt. This ruffle wrap skirt I really like. 
The styling of it is so unique; one ruffle draped over the belt
The decorative silver beading compliments 
the silverly tone of the top. 

Draped Tunic | Cropped Pant
Luv this draped top look! So exotic & ethnic inspired!

These looks remind me of the Indian salwar kameez.
The embellishments on both of these pieces are nice.

Both looks have the beaded neckline that I like throughout
the collection. In the first look the cowl is draped over the
blazer (cute). The color blocking is nice. The second look
has that ethnic flair, I luv. 

- - -
Favorite Pieces
What I like most about the pieces in these looks is, of course,
the embellished necklines!

Polka Dots & Shiny Spots! - I like a lot...

Cute top with matching pants.
This is a simple belted top in a nice fabric;
very wearable.

The flutter sleeves on the jumpsuit 
are eye-catching!

The knotted front is in just the 
right spot.

What I like is that this is
asymmetrical with a twist;
fabric is draped over the 
other shoulder

- - -
Design Elements I Like
The draping.

The neckline.

- - -
Color Shock!
Blue Hues

Blue | Silver | Yellow

Purple | Green | Blue

Green | Pink


What I like about this collection is... everything!
Color, silhouette, print, accessories. This is so inspired and 
inspiring! I always like ethnic influenced pieces and this has
that! This is why DVF is my fav designer! Luv the aesthetic!

Images: ElleUK

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