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I'm Tamara [pronounced Tam-uh-ruh] (My name is commonly mispronounced, sadly...).  
Sooo where do I start?... I guess I'll start here, with my blog!

<;">I started this blog because of my long-term craving of fashion. Oh yea, its a craving; a desire that just won't expire! So I had to start this blog to satisfy my craze! When I see something that inspires me, my eyes widen and my emotions overflow with excitement and fascination. Then I'm compelled to keep what ever inspiration it is! When I was a kid it started with clipping out images of toys I wanted (mostly Barbie dolls and their clothes). Then it grew into drawing pictures of the clothes I wanted for my dolls. [ I wanted an American Girl doll so bad, I just drew pictures of the dolls and their clothes, because in that way I kind of had them. ] Then I started ordering magazines like Teen Vogue and clipped and pasted images into a scrapbook. Next we finally got the internet and I started collecting fashion show images on the computer. So naturally from there I started this blog! Its an extension of what I've already been doing all these years! 

Bringing inspiration into fruition!

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Hello, I am an Introvert!
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