Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where I Live: CHICAGO!!!

Where I Live: CHICAGO!!!

Where I Live: CHICAGO!!! by tamz-lavender

Polyvore was having a contest for sets showing Chicagoan's style. So I made one!
Now that I made this I figured this is the perfect opportunity to tell a little more about my style!

This is pretty much always my style: casual!
I always want to be comfortable. I gotta have on flats to walk those long downtown blocks!
Around this time of year I always wear socks with my flats because I don't want my little toes to be cold.

When the skinny jean trend first pop up here in Chicago I hated it, and so did most people I knew.
I eventually grew to like it because those jeans are so much easier to wear with boots that I go
trudging through the snow in. But now I'm over it again and I'm ready for some wide leg denim!
I actually own these jeans in this look (I got em' from Old Navy). The best thing about em' is
that they come in petite sizes!!! So they fit me perfectly!!! My fav jeans right now!

This top is so cute and I own some like it. It has a nice loose fit that doesn't hug my curves, but let
them breathe! I also have a large bust so I don't like to bring attention to them all the time.
Especially when I'm on CTA (public transportation), its some sketchy people that I'd rather not
have their attention to be on me...

I'm always layering so I usually have a cardigan with me. Even in the summer because
you can start to get pretty cold with the air conditioner goin'.

The accessories! I really like wooden jewelry. It isn't trending as much as it has in the past but I still
like it! I have some wood hoops similar to the ones in this look. The peacock necklace is simplistic,
but has those great colors in it!
In my "What I Wore to a Natural Hair Event" post I'm wearing some wood, gold, and peacock jewelry.

So that's my style!
Great colors and a cool, comfortable fit!

Thanks for reading!

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