Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blouse & Skirt Inspired Look

Blouse & Skirt Inspired Look

The look that I'm inspired by is of Sigrid Argen wearing Burberry in W Korea, April 2012
Styling by Sean SpellmanThe picture source is from FashionGoneRogue.

One of the great features about this look is the silhouette; 
the loose fit blouse paired with the fitted skirt. 
Its flattering without being too body conscious. 

My little added touch is the beaded cuffs worn with the flats
as ankle bracelets. (Also references to the ankle strap,
which has been trending.)

The colors in the background of the editorial are so beautiful that
I incorporated them into my look with the accessories. 


  1. Really chic outfit =)
    New shoes posted on my blog, let me know if you like them!