Wednesday, December 5, 2012

STYLE: High-Low Tops & Tank Dress | HAIR: Flat Twists & Braids Adornment

Hi-Lo Tops and Tank Dress

Whats great about these looks is that it takes a basic article 
of clothing [tank dress] and transforms it into a cute look!
The tank dress acts as a camisole and a skirt!

This is something I'd possibly wear!

Fall LOOK | Hi-Lo Blouse & Tank Dress

Fall LOOK | Hi-Lo Sleeveless Blouse & Tank Dress



This was an experimental hairstyle.
I wanted to create that mock braided headband look, 
so I flat twisted my hair into these sections and made
two individual braids that I secured with  hair pins.
I then put the rest of my hair up into a small bun.
This simple style turned out pretty cute -and different!

Inspired by my Hair Inspiration pins.

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