Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who's Spring 2013 RTW Collection I Like?: VERSACE

Spring 2013 RTW
My Favorite Looks 

What I like about these looks are the lines that the belt and 
purse straps create; it adds to this simple garments.
The black, gold, and orange are a great color combination,
as well as black, gold, and beige

These lace inset pants are great! They're different and appealing!
I like the tops from these looks too. Crop tops are really trendy
 and I personally like this collared shirt style. The studded  
purse straps gives these looks visual interest. 

I've seen lace inset shorts online both in retail and diys, so these 
appealed to me because of popularity. I like this lace edged
crop top, it has that collar style I like. This lace inset blazer is 
different! It draws attention to the waist line and hips. I feel
like it is giving the illusion of a more shapely figure. 

I just really like this dress! Its a nice orange color, has flowy 
bell sleeves, and doesn't have an annoying too low neckline.
I'd wear this as a tunic with jeans or leggings though (too
short for me). The silver belt turns this dress into a standout 
piece. The shiny shimmer of the fringe compliments the 
orange tints. 

Shiny, silver fringe necklaces? LUV IT! Once again, simple pieces
transformed by accessories. The colors pop with the compliment of
the silver shimmers of the necklaces.   

In the look to the left the necklace and belt creates a shiny,
fringe dress. (I imagine that these  would have to be detachable 
items, because how would you wash it?) In the look to the right
I like the cold-shoulder sleeves.

Theses dresses look great with the stud strap accents and the fringe belts. I really 
like the dress to the right; the cut out sides are now. 

These dresses look like what the most work was put into. All 
those studs have to be applied by hand. Gold and blue are
beautiful colors together.

I just like the colors of these dresses with the shiny fringe.
Orange | Pink

 ● ◉ ● ◉ 

Whats so great about this collection are the accessories. The
belts, the purses, and the necklaces. These items really made
this collection shine, literally (shiny fringe & studs)!   

Images: ElleUK

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