Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PersonalStyle: Cardigan & Tribal Print Top | NaturalHairStyle: Bun & Curls

This is a look I wore a few weeks ago to a performance/gig 
I did with these awesome singers!

Personal Styled Look

The knit cardigan and tribal print top are from Forever21. The brown pants
are from Lane Bryant. These pants are one of my favorite because they are the 
"Right Fit" [read all about it here]. The pants stretch, so they are comfortable, 
and they came in petite so I didn't have to go through the trouble of hemming!
I styled this look by belting the cardigan at the hips instead of the waist. 
This way I could show more of the bold tribal print top. Doing this also added 
some length to my torso. (I felt that the necklace and belt were too close
together and it looked odd and made me look stumpy.)  The necklace was 
long so I wrapped it around once to make it shorter. 

Natural Hair Style
natural hair
Flat Twisted front with Curls & a Bun

I used these curlers called Curlformers®!
These things are GREAT! You have to get some! They are 
for all hair types, they're easy to use, and you can do it all by yourself!
It's way better that curling irons because you don't have to use heat 
to set these, (unless you are pressed for time and you use a hair dryer).

The rest of my hair is the result of a large flat twist-out . Doing this
allows my hair to lay flatter so that I can style it. I then made a center 
part and flat twisted a front section of hair. I created this bun by 
sectioning the back hair; leaving it loose, and putting the rest of my 
hair into a ponytail. I then took the loose hair and tucked it and the hair
in the ponytail up and pinned it into place.  

natural hair, Curlformers

[Other Hairstyles Similar to This]

Flat Twists & Chignon

styled BraidOut 

 Two-Strand Twists, BraidOut with HairClip
natural hair
These hairstyles were inspired 
from pins on my Pinterest board!
Thanks for Viewing!

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