Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am really liking this collection!!! Immediately I was so enthused about it; my eyes widened and my jaws dropped into a smile! And all I saw was the first few looks!

The colors in this collection are amazing. I really appreciate designers who are not afraid of color. So many collections are often black, white, and neutral (if not all black).

I'm So Liken' the red & purple combo! 
(Red is personally not my favorite color, but with purple I'll rock it!)

The plant and animal print combo is great!
(I use to hate animal prints, but paired like this it is not as overwhelming and gaudy; besides the colors.) This color mix is great too!

Cinched waists are always beautiful. The human body is beautiful and a sash-ed waistline creates & accentuates the beauty of an hourglass shape  

This is definitely my favorite Spring 2012 collection! 

Images: Elle

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